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  • Share your favorite wines. You are invited to add your wines and comments to the easy-to-use WineFool wine database. No need to use fancy words to describe what wines taste like. What a great way to get your hands on a list of affordable wines, already tasted and rated by our members! Just think how much money and time you can save by choosing wines from our wine database. But it's all up to our WineFool members to make the list grow. All you need to do is share your great wine "finds" with the WineFool.
    Anyone can view the database but only WineFool members can contribute to it and maintain their Personal Wine Database.
  • Create a Personal Wine Database. Once you have added your own wines to the wine database, you can track them with a unique member "nickname." You can store lists of your favorite wines in the wine database, and change them at will. You can print out your personal wine list for shopping or pass it on to your "winedummy" friends.
  • Browse the winery database.The WineFool boasts an extensive list of California wineries, and includes many other West Coast wineries as well. At a glance, the winery database lists the types of wine the individual winery produces, tours and tastings they offer, if they provide picnic areas or put on special occasions. And of course the winery database lists the locations of each winery and how to contact them. If you want to know more details about a winery, just link to their web site if a link is available. The convenient, built-in "Map-It" function lets you display a map for any winery. Whether it's in Napa, Sonoma, North Coast, Monterey or Santa Barbara - the WineFool has the information you are seeking.
  • Use the Message Board. The Message Board lets you post any wine-related experience you wish to share. Just enter your interests by selecting topics such as favorite wines, restaurants, lodging, cruises, and where to get hard-to-find items. All communication is done by using a WineFool "nickname." This ID ensures privacy and freedom from spam. If you want to communicate directly with another WineFool member, use the Private Message function. This way, your message goes only to the WineFool member you select.
  • Plan a Wine Country Trip. The Wine Country Tour Planner allows you to compose, save and print a complete Wine Country trip. You may select from wineries, restaurants, spas, events and accomodations to create your own personal tour. After creating it, you can save for editing later. Or print it out right away with a regional map to direct you. It's like having you own personal travel agent.
  • Link to hundreds of wine topics. The WineFool has links to just about any wine-related topic. Just click on the Learn About Wine or Wine & Travel tabs and you will find the information you are seeking.
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  • You will find good, affordable wines. Browse the WineFool wine database to select your everyday or special-occasion wines. Many of the wines in the database are priced under $12 per bottle. They have been tasted by wine drinkers like you, and the wine descriptions are written in plain English.
  • Get the skinny on West Coast wineries. The WineFool boasts an extensive list of California wineries, including many other West Coast wineries as well. Browse our listings to design your wine-tasting itinerary. Whether it's in Napa, Sonoma, North Coast, Monterey or Santa Barbara, the WineFool has the information you are seeking.
  • Learn all about wine. Link to the Wine Facts page and to Wine Resources, and you will find wine-related information you are seeking.
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