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Want to learn about wine industry statistics, wine research and education, health related benefits, alcohol problems and solutions. Or check in with the U.C. Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology, or Cornell University Department of Teaching and Research on Food Science Technology, or with the American Wine Society. Check out ABC, ATF, AVERN, AWERE, USDA. See what the Champagne Wines Information Bureau of France has to say, or the Coalition for Free Trade in Licensed Beverages or the California State Assembly. You can read about 'The Origins and Ancient History of Wine', or about 'California Marks 150th Anniversary of Gold Discovery: An Era that Transformed the State's Wine Industry'. Take a look at the U.S. wine stock summary page or check out the printable vintage chart for red and white wines. Or want to select a course on wine education? Or find out about software to manage your wine cellar?   -   California State Assembly - a select committee on California wine production & economy.   -   Cornell University - The American Society for Enology and Viticulture   -   Confrerie des Vignerons de Saint Vincent - San Francisco bay area chapter.   -   Philippe Querrec Presents - Jeroboam/Wine Cellar Management Software. English and French version.   -   Exploring Ancient and Historical Brewing and Cooking   -   U.S. Wine Stock Summary Page   -   U.C. Davis - Department of Viticulture and Enology   -   AVERN - American Viticulture & Enology Research Network   -   ABC - State of California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control   -   The Dawnridge Wine Management System - cost-effective management and control for wine processing and wine information systems.   -   ATF - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms   -   Viticulture and Enology Research Center - develop and apply new emerging technologies in viticulture, Enology, food processing, and related disciplines.   -   Carneros Quality Alliance - Research and Education   -   California Association of Winegrape Growers - enhance business of growing winegrapes through research, advocacy and industry leadership.   -   Champagne Wines Information Bureau, France - Champagne Q & A's.   -   Coalition for Free Trade in Licensed Beverages   -   Grapetalk - the internet information source for grape growers, vineyard managers and home wine makers. A worldwide exchange of information.   -   Home Wine and Beer Trade Association - responsible growth of home wine & beer making industry.   -   Cornell University - Food Science and Technology / Teaching and Research   -   AWARE - American Wine Alliance for Research and Education   -   Vintage Art Glass - art classes and retail store.   -   Alcohol and health: a double-edged sword - wine and the benefits of moderate vs. excessive drinking.   -   Printable vintage chart for red and white wines - the best years.   -   Wine Videos - about wine, cooking and entertaining.   -   Wine tasting and aroma chart - developed at U.C. Davis.   -   The American Center for Wine Food and the Arts - explores American culture, highlighting American innovations and investigating the approach to food and drink.   -   The Origins and Ancient History of Wine - source of historical data.   -   USDA - United States Department of Agriculture   -   Maps - 1999 Napa Valley American Viticulture areas   -   Maps - 1997 Regional California Viticultural areas   -   Maps - 1997 State-wide California Viticultural areas   -   American Wine Society - national non-profit consumer organization. Appreciation of wine through education.   -   Janis Robinson's Wine Course - Introduction to Wine   -   U.S. Wine Stocks Summary Page   -   Wine Institute - American Viticultural Areas - Q & A's   -   Wine Institute - list of institutions offering courses on wine education.   -   Wine Institute - Statistics / California Wine Sales   -   Wine Institute - Statistics / Wine Consumption in the U.S./from 1934 to 1998   -   Wine Institute - Statistics / U.S. Wine Exports   -   Wine Institute - Key Facts / World Wine Consumption by Country   -   Wine Institute - Statistics / Wine Sales in the U.S.   -   Wine Institute - Wine's Importance to California   -   Wine Institute - Key Facts / California Wine Production   -   Wine Institute - California Marks 150th Anniversary of Gold Discovery: An Era that Transformed the State's Wine Industry.   -   Wine Institute - Wine News as it occurs / From February 1997 to present   -   Wine Institute - Research and Education   -   Wine Institute - Health Research and Wine   -   Wine Institute - Library and Archives   -   Wine Technologies - software for the serious wine connoisseur.   -   Alcohol - Problems and Solutions
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