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Want to find out about ancient and historical brewing and cooking? Learn how to host a wine tasting party? Find out about French wine and food and learn how to pronounce French wine terms? Or learn how to make wine, beer and cheese, and find out where to purchase supplies for the hobbyist? Looking for Gourmet items, recipes, or special wines? We have the links for you right here!   - - the best of food and wine online.   -   Links for exploring ancient and historical brewing and cooking.   -   Wine Access - the most complete shopping guide to fine wines on the web.   -   La Vita Bolla - about Italian Bolla wines, hosting a wine tasting, wine and food pairing, recipes.   -   Enjoying Wine - learn how to host a wine tasting party.   -   Wines and Food from France - guide to French wines and food. Includes wine guide, entertaining section, audio pronunciation for French wine terms.   -   The Joy of Home Winemaking.   -   The Home Wine, Beer, and Cheesemaking Shop - supply and service center for the hobbyist.
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