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How Much To Pay for Wine

Are Good Wines Always Expensive?

How much to pay for wine depends on how much money you have and how much money you are willing to spend. Some people believe that the more you pay for a bottle of wine, the better it will taste. True, a $50 bottle of wine will certainly taste better than a $10 bottle. Generally, you will get a better wine if you pay more, but it certainly does not take a fortune to get a decent bottle of wine. $10 to $20 at a discount store will get you great whites and some pretty good reds. For a great bottle of red wine, you usually must spend over $20.

Does High Price Always Get You the Best?
An expensive wine is not automatically better. Many factors can raise the price tag. The cost of land, inventory, labor, materials, etc. may make producing wine expensive. Even if the wine, at times, does not turn out to be anything special, the winery still must try to regain its investment by keeping the price at a certain level. Rare wines, wines produced in limited quantity, wines highly rated by the press, or wines with prestigious medals may go up in price. Also, imports often are overrated, and import duties and marketing cost will drive up the price.

So if you find a bottle of wine in a lower price range that appeals to you, go for it. There are many very good wines in the $10 to $20 price range. It just takes some shopping around to find reliable sources which have a good selection of lower priced wines.