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Dining Out with Wine

Affordable Wine When Dining Out?

Everybody loves to go out to a great restaurant for dinner, whether to avoid cooking a meal at home, or to celebrate a special occasion. According to custom, people like to celebrate with a good bottle of wine. If you go out a lot, you probably know a number of restaurants which serve excellent food, and also have a great wine list with reasonable prices.

Many of us will recall the time when the standard mark-up for a bottle of wine was double the retail price. Unfortunately, a lot of restaurants now not only have very high dinner prices, but their wines also are very expensive. Most charge three to four times the retail price. And we know that they are getting it for wholesale. Fortunately, there are still restaurants that donít engage in such price gouging.

Glass vs. Bottle
You actually can do a few things to retaliate against those outrageous wine prices. Simply do not go to restaurants which have high mark-ups on wine. But be sure that you let them know. If you frequent a restaurant with high wine prices, donít order a bottle. Just order a glass of their open wines. Unfortunately, ordering wine by the glass is not automatically more reasonably priced. We have seen restaurants charging $6 for a glass of wine that one can purchase for $8 per bottle. Thatís shameless, considering that the restaurant can pour five(!) glasses from one bottle. The other option is to order a glass of house wine for a more reasonable price. Of course there is no guarantee that it will be drinkable.

If the restaurateur were smart, he would accommodate his customers by lowering wine prices. By so doing, they would get all the business they could handle, and everybody would be happy.

Bring Your Own
There is, however, an alternative to paying high wine prices. Select restaurants let you bring in your own special bottle of wine, preferably one that is not on their wine list. For a fee, called "corkage" charge, which ranges from $5 to "the sky is the limit," depending on how much the restaurant wants to discourage the practice, they will provide the wine glasses, the wine bucket, if needed, and will open the wine for you.