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Getting to Know Wine

If you are a beginner, a fun and easy way to get to know different wines is to visit a winery. Touring the wine country can be a great adventure.

California Wine Country
If you live in California, plan to make it a weekend trip and stay in one of the many charming inns along the way. The California wine country is unlike any other area in the world. Come and see for yourself. Drive to Napa or Sonoma on the northern coast, or go to the Central Valley or Santa Clara Valley, or to Monterey, or make your way down the southern coast to Santa Barbara.

There are about 750 wineries to visit in California, ranging from small family wineries to ultra-modern wine-making facilities to the most romantic chateau. The tasting room atmosphere is very relaxed and offers the perfect setting to introduce the novice to the "art" of wine tasting. For the experienced wine lover it is a great way to try out different wines, and to purchase some bottles to add to their wine cellar.

Getting Familiar with Wine
There is really no great mystery about tasting and selecting wines. They are generally evaluated by appearance, aroma and flavor. You will find out that the more wines you sample, the better you will become.

There are many other ways to become familiar with wines. Organizing a wine tasting party with friends can be a lot of fun, especially with friends who are already wine lovers. They can be helpful with the selection, and perhaps contribute some of the wines from their own wine cellar.

A dinner party would be even more perfect. Plan the wine you want to taste to complement the dishes you are going to serve.

Or attend an organized dinner party. Some can be quite elaborate when staged in a beautiful setting. Usually they are multi-course affairs were each course is served with a different wine.

On a simpler scale, just visit a restaurant bar and try some of the many wines available by the glass. Another way to learn about wine is to go to wine tastings which are often organized by wine shops or wine clubs, or pay attention to wine merchants recommendations, or purchase a bottle and try it along with food, or sign up for a wine class at your community college, or read up on the subject. The possibilities of learning about wine are many and varied.