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Wine and Temperature

Right Temperature Brings Out the Best

To get the most enjoyment out of wine, drinking it at the right temperature is very important. If you are going to have a bottle of white wine with your dinner, you may want to plan ahead, since whites should be enjoyed cooler than reds. Your white wines, if stored in a wine cellar, may be just about the right temperature, unless you enjoy them very cold.

With reds and whites alike, the correct temperature is very important to get the desired aromas and flavors out of the wine. Drinking reds too warm makes them taste flat and lifeless; drinking them too cold makes them taste very tannic and acidic. When whites are served too cold, the creamy, oaky and fruity characteristics will get lost; if too warm, most whites will taste too sweet.

Helpful Guidelines:

Robust red wines: 57-64 degrees F.
Lighter red wines and some whites: 50-55 degrees F.
Dry white wines, rose, Champagne and Beaujolais: 43-50 degrees F.
Sweet white wines, Eiswein, sparkling wines: 40-46 degrees F.