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Where To Buy Wine

Many Sources

There are many different sources where you can purchase your wine. Wineries or "Wine Clubs" are a great source. Most of them will ship wine, unless state regulations prohibit shipments of alcohol either from their location or to your residence.

Walk-In Stores
You can pick up pretty good bargains at the supermarket, especially when wines are offered at special discount prices. In addition to the specials, most offer a 10% discount on a full case (12 bottles). Some stores even give you a 10% discount on one half case (6 bottles).
Good values can be found at regional import stores and at big discount chains. Some even extend a 10% case discount to their customers.
You will find that not every store carries the same selection of wine. Your small convenience stores most likely have the highest prices and the smallest selection.

Online Stores
The Web, of course, is a great source to shop for wine. There is no problem ordering and having your wine shipped to you from within the state you live. However, with the current shipping laws, you may run into problems when trying to order wine from certain states or from outside the U.S. Most "Web merchants" inform you if any regulations might prohibit wine shipments from their location to your state of residence.

A word of caution! If you plan on aging wine, be careful whom you purchase it from. Be sure that you know the reputation of your wine merchant. An improperly stored wine will not have a long shelf life.