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Which Wine to Buy

Places to Taste

If you are new to wine and want to try different ones, start with tasting them by the glass. Restaurant bars are a good place to start. Most of the better restaurants keep a very large selection of "open" wines you can buy by the glass. Visiting wineries and tasting wines they produce is another good way to become familiar with wine. It will not take long to find which ones you like.

At first you may have a preference for roses or whites. You will find that even though wines are made from the same grape varietal, for example, the Chardonnay grape, they taste very different from one another. The taste of individual wines is influenced by where the grapes were grown, the type of soil, and weather conditions. Other factors that will make a difference in taste include the type of oak used in barrels were wine is aged and the length of aging.

Quantity vs. Quality
Once you are ready to invest in wine, be careful. Do not buy a lot of wine, especially wine you have not tasted. Never go simply by recommendations. You may not like the wine. It is best to try one bottle first.

Also, do not get carried away and purchase a lot of wine you canít drink within a reasonable amount of time. Some wines do not age well. If you see wines with a high rating, just get one bottle and try it right away. If you like it, get a few bottles. On the other hand, once you discover a wine that you like very much and that you ascertain is age-worthy, by all means get a couple of cases as quickly as possible. Be forewarned. Not only will a good wine sell out fast, but it also will go up quickly in price.

Vintage Concerns
Another important thing to remember is that you should not assume that because you liked a certain vintage of a specific wine, the following year will be just as good. That is almost never true, since so many factors influence the production of a great wine.